Embossing Presses 
Now £39.50 each

We have designs to coordinate with our Filigree, Much Ado and Calligraphy Collections, plus a new Christmas design for 2019.

Our hand-held embossing presses are easy to use and are intended for hobby use. The image is laser cut into plastic and creates good results at an economic price. If you are interested in an embossing press for continuous heavy use we would recommend traditional metal plates. Please contact us if this applies and we can provide a quotation.

The seals come mounted so they can be used from the bottom of a piece of paper, and the image can be placed a maximum of 3.6cm from the bottom of the page. If you want to use the seal at the top of a piece of paper (eg. to create embossed writing paper with a monogram at the top) please contact us after you've placed your order and we can arrange this at no additional cost.