Bloomfield out and about: People-sketching and more

A rare journey south for Bloomfield this week. First, a posh lunch with an old friend in Ottolenghi's Nopi (I'd recommend the Courgette fritters, Valdeón Cheesecake and Venison; I was too busy nattering and scoffing to take any photos which was remiss of me).

Then an afternoon with no particular purpose in South Kensington in vague search of inspiration.   

The V&A: I was particularly taken with this German 17th century swirly-whirly fairy-tale wrought iron, complete with imps, that could be a 21st century papercut and begs to be made into a Christmas card.....


... but then got terribly distracted by sketching people amoungst the exhibits.

V&A sculpture gallery

I fought past the legions of Spanish school children to the Natural History Museum where I didn't make much past the iconic entrance and more people with exotic backdrops. 'People-sketching' - like 'people-watching' but with a pen.

Natural History Museum

Finally, more scoffing at Shrimpy's where I caught up with Rolfe before dashing for the train back up north. 

Here we are about to tackle dessert. 

Mental note: At our next meeting we must - simply must - have a more sophisticated shot taken.