Bloomfield: Adventures in Laser Cutting

I've recently discovered the laser cutter at my local screen-printing/wood working workshop (Inc Workshop in Leeds).  I'm in love and want one all of my own so I can make endless paper cuts. All in good time.
Here are my first few efforts. I soon discovered that hand drawn designs (like those we make stamps from) take an age to cut because the lines aren't straight and smooth - spending time tidying them up in illustrator is well worth it.


Birthday card

My first effort.  I was rather chuffed with it. I found a use for some double sided card I'd picked up in Paperchase ages ago (white/green, blue/pink) which provides great contrast and was a heavy weight that held up well to being cut within an inch of its life (or a mm).

40th Birthday card

Carrying on a theme, this was for a 40th birthday.  As there is nowhere much to write on the inside without ruining the effect, I decided to put the text as part of the image. It also meant she knew it had been cut especially for her.

laser cut wedding card

And finally, this was for a friend's wedding. The happy couple, their daughter and cat feature at the bottom, admiring the fireworks above.   Ooo. Ahhhh.

(I knew they'd like the whole family to be involved as I did their invite design a few months back - see here).