Birthday ‘sprise’ from Bloomfield…

I guess less of a real ‘sprise’ (as my 6 year old niece wrote on my birthday card this morning…) as Bloomers always sends me a wonderful package every year upon this date, the anniversary of my birth. Each year I unpack the box the packaging seems to get more and more beautiful – and this year was no exception.

Colour, texture, ribbons galore! The presents were pretty cool too…


Also I am lucky enough to have a wonderfully creative work crew with whom to share my special day – almost literally as there are 3 birthdays in a team of 8 this week hence this multiple cake offer. Who doesn’t love an overload of silver balls or, as the creator explained….”the starry sky”…!


Who says working on your birthday is dull…!

Rolfe: Save the Date stamp show off

OK, ok, no earbashing about exploiting my forthcoming nuptials for commercial gain please! Today I wanted to share my Save The Date cards which were made with what else but a stamp - who knew??



I used one of my favourite techniques when it comes to stamping - painting over the top in inks - here a bright flash of hot pink merges with a sweep of tropical sea blue watercolour to almost iridescent effect!



Obviously we here at B&R can help you with any custom made stamp requirements you might have for your Big Day - or any other equally important days! We've been doing our wedding stamps (featuring a drawing of the venue plus names/dates) via Holly's Houses for a couple of years now but have also done loads of bespoke designs too. Watch this space for the initials stamps we are working on as we speak!

I ordered all my beautifully coloured stationery from Bureau Direct who have a great choice of colours and sizes and import from Switzerland.

P.S - don't you just love it when overseas stamps go so well with your colour scheme?(#weddingoverload)