Case Study: Cattapilla Designs logo and swing tags

Harriet from Cattapilla Designs in Ireland got in touch at the end of last year asking for us to create a logo for her hand-sewn creations. She also asked for some additional co-ordinating stamps that could be used to make swing tags for her cushions and bags to tell their unique story, and also a business card and address stamp.  As her products are made using vintage fabrics and embroidery, we used an old-fashioned sewing-room as inspiration - I'm pretty sure Harriet doesn't use a hand-cranked old Singer in real life though!!!

Cattapilla Designs
Cattapilla Designs stamps

"Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all the wonderful stamps.  I've just returned from trade fairs in London and Dublin where the reaction to the new logo was very positive - everyone loved it!"


You can see (and buy!) Harriet's latest creations at her website, and follow what she's up to on Bere Island at her blog here.

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