Project: From Russia with Love - the results

The Bloomfield & Rolfe AGM went splendidly, helped along the way by Pimms and Wimbledon. Once we were done with all our rubber stamp ideas we were able to present each other with our Russian artworks - a piece based on our 2010 trip to Moscow and St Petersburg. It was impossible to capture everything about the jam-packed week (conga-ing poodles and swag-festooned night-trains are notable omissions), but we both did rather well and I at least am very chuffed with my memento!

Rolfe's soviet-collage for Bloomfield, with jazz-hands aplenty (jazz hands were the photo-pose of choice for this trip):


And my 'looming cat' folk art inspired piece for Rolfe entitled 'it's the owls' (Mr B put the gleaming gold onion-domes of Moscow down to industrious owls....)


For a bit of context, here's an extract from an email I penned just after our trip:

"We got back on Friday and am still coming down from my Slavic fix. Did Moscow and St Petersburg, then finished up over the border in Helsinki (where the living is easy and everyone is so beautiful). Loved it all, but Moscow had the edge as it wore it's history more clearly on it's sleeve. There were Tzarist palaces, Stalinist skyscrapers (to be seen to be believed), soviet tower blocks, the Metro (an attraction in itself - my favourite had floral reliefs adorned with AK47s), and then a lot of twenty-first century bling. My favourite day included queuing to see Lenin (the queuing and strict rules were the real experience; he has to be real as no-one would try and pass off a corpse that looked that fake); buying tat from the markets outside Red Square; eating some fab Uzbek food; going to the circus (a million times more entertaining than I anticipated - the performing poodles will remain with me for a long time); and finally getting the 'red arrow' night train to St Petersburg, complete with swagged windows and silver tea-cups."