Case Study: Cats and Street Food

A sneaky peek of a recent wedding commission.

Mary and Paul's shared interests were pinned down to street food, festivals and their cats! Their wedding would be informal with no 'girlie stuff'. So we came up with a vintage food van - and I'm glad to say Mary didn't veto the hanging baskets! Archie and Stella take pride of place and the 'GMW' on the number plate is an in joke  for their friends.

The main invite was letterpress printed in dark grey, with the pink/yellow/blue fairy lights applied by hand to create a pop of colour. We used Artoz 1001 lined envelopes from Bureau Direct.

In addition we created an RSVP card and an additional information card (both digitally printed, a personalised address stamp, and also a stamp featuring the van, to be used to personalise place names and other details on their big day.

If you'd like to commission us to create something for your big day - girlie or not - we'd love to help. Email us at

An Arts & Crafts Wedding: how a commission works in practice

Here I am pleased to show off one of my favourite commissions and have included information about the process to show how we work on a project like this.

Sophie sent me an email last year which began: "You made a book stamp for me to give to my boyfriend for Christmas last year. It must have impressed him, as we're now engaged and are getting married...."

While we can't seriously take responsibility for initiating their happy day, it was lovely to hear that Tim liked the stamp and that they would like us to create their wedding stationery.  They wanted a Save the Date to start with, and then invites and extra bits and bobs further down the line.

They provided some great images as inspiration (see below) - they liked the Arts and Crafts reference to William de Morgan in the Birds in Branches Ex Libris design, and also wanted to use the work of Henry Wilson (a remarkably under-appreciated Arts and Crafts architect, metalworker and jeweller) on whom Sophie happened to be writing her Masters thesis, and who was the creator of her spectacular engagement ring and the other images below.

I then did some preliminary sketches to check we were thinking on the same lines and to provide a starting point. I'm playing with ideas and compositions here to see what will work (and what the customer likes).

A small stamp for all those extra wedding details

A small stamp for all those extra wedding details

Following feedback we created the following:

- a Save the Date stamp (large enough to fit nicely on a standard postcard),

- a small tree stamp for extra details

- the main wedding invites which were letterpress printed with a deep emboss

- RSVP cards which were digitally printed

- An address stamp (that will be used long after the wedding)  

The main invite (letterpress printed), envelope stamped with address stamp, RSVP card (digitally printed) and the  Save the Date design which was the first design we did.

The main invite (letterpress printed), envelope stamped with address stamp, RSVP card (digitally printed) and the  Save the Date design which was the first design we did.

Detail of the main invite showing the luxurious deep emboss

Detail of the main invite showing the luxurious deep emboss

Text inside the main invite

Text inside the main invite

The text style was taken from the Henry Wilson bronze plaque image provided by Sophie - if the lettering looks familiar it's because I liked it so much I have used a modified version on our Filigree range.

The very same bronze plaque is echoed in the magnesium plate used to create the invites and that wonderful deep emboss. As these plates are one-offs we lacquered them and Tim & Sophie now have them as a wonderfully tactile memento of their day.

This project was a two-way process with many many emails pinging back and forward, and was completed in stages over a period of months. Hopefully it shows how a single idea can be expanded and modified for a variety of purposes and to create something totally unique.

If you're inspired and would be interested in commissioning something for your own wedding, please don't hesitate to get in touch via - we can help with anything from a single small stamp to a whole suite of stationery.

Case Study: A wedding at Bluebird, Chelsea - invites and stamps

The Art Deco elegance, infamous clientèle, gorgeous original details and super-smart dining room make Bluebird Chelsea one of the most sought-after spaces to get wed urban-style - and our lucky client Anne had all that to look forward to, but first....the invite!

Anne wanted the building to shine in the design so we created an original watercolour-wash sketch of the building and worked with the 1920s look she loved to design A6 postcards using an original deco font and border in a stunning deep bluebird blue.

Bluebird Chelsea Wedding Invite

The double-bluebird motif was added as a nod to the union of the two lovebirds (...sorry) and was repeated in a roundel stamp with date for use on the backs of envelopes and for serviettes and bunting on the day.

Bluebird Wedding Stamp

Even Ralph the dog (star of our personalised dog stamps) made an appearance on the front of the envelopes – the perfect finishing touch.

Personalised dog stamp