DIY Wedding Projects using new Calligraphy Stamps

We love our new Calligraphy Collection which includes everything you need for a wedding – Address Stamp, Wedding stamp, Initials and even a Hashtag stamp to keep all your guests on the same social media page.

Each design starts with traditional dip-pen and ink, before being turned into a rubber stamp – we don't use fonts, everything is handwritten to order!

While we think the flowing script looks fabulous on it's own, the text can also form the basis of some creative contemporary DIY projects. Here are some of our favourite ideas:


Weddings don't have to mean pastels and florals. Channel your inner raver and go day-glo with flourenscent paper, inks, envelopes and labels.


You don't have to be Picasso. Some simple floral shapes laid down underneath your text add real pop to cards (just make sure the paint is dry before you stamp). This is a great way of quickly making a set of invites which are all unique.


This is easy-peasy and we think really effective. Use spray paint, or alternatively we discovered 'Blo-Pens' which are meant as a child's toy but do the job cheaply and fume-free.


Don't restrict yourself to white paper. Here we mimicked a chalkboard by stamping with white VersaMagic chalk ink on Colorplan Racing Green card.

(We added some WOW with a simple watercolour wash on the envelope – just spodge on wait to dry for some beautifully random results.)


Think outside the box a bit and don't restrict yourself to 'wedding' supplies. The geometric grid of bog standard graph paper looks fab with calligraphic flourishes; or bring utilitarian office labels into the limelight.


It doesn't have to be serious, or grown up – crack open the googly eyes and have fun!



Case Study: Cats and Street Food

A sneaky peek of a recent wedding commission.

Mary and Paul's shared interests were pinned down to street food, festivals and their cats! Their wedding would be informal with no 'girlie stuff'. So we came up with a vintage food van - and I'm glad to say Mary didn't veto the hanging baskets! Archie and Stella take pride of place and the 'GMW' on the number plate is an in joke  for their friends.

The main invite was letterpress printed in dark grey, with the pink/yellow/blue fairy lights applied by hand to create a pop of colour. We used Artoz 1001 lined envelopes from Bureau Direct.

In addition we created an RSVP card and an additional information card (both digitally printed, a personalised address stamp, and also a stamp featuring the van, to be used to personalise place names and other details on their big day.

If you'd like to commission us to create something for your big day - girlie or not - we'd love to help. Email us at

A spotlight on Bespoke Bookplates

Our bespoke bookplates are designed by hand, especially for the recipient, incorporating details about their life - the ultimate personalised rubber stamp. They make a thoughtful and very special gift.

I thought I'd share some of the designs I've done over the years to show what is possible. Every design is unique so these are only examples but should give a good flavour.

For the first example I've included the information the customer gave me - he ordered it for himself with some accrued birthday money and was thrilled with the result.

I am a person that is not easily impressed but I was utterly overwhelmed and delighted by the bookplate I ordered. I am undergoing some long-term studies, so am frequently purchasing new books, and am proud to stamp the Ex Libris design into every volume. The quality of the design is first class and beyond what I imagined when I placed the order.
— David Beedon (Notts) - October 2015

We don't offer a proofing service but if you want something specific to be included just say - providing us with pictures of pets or special places can help make the design even more personal.

We usually say to allow 3 weeks from ordering for a bookplate to be dispatched. If you need one quicker just drop us an email and we'll help wherever possible.
Before a bookplate is sent it is checked, test prints made and then carefully gift-boxed ready for the recipient. If you're ordering for someone else, we'll always include a test print with explantatory notes outside of the gift box so you can see what you're giving (and one inside too!).


If you have any queries at all about Bespoke Bookplates, just email and I'll get back to you ASAP.


7 things to do with our new Tiles Label Stamp

We love our new Azulejo* inspired designs and so thought we'd share a few ways to use the personalised 'Tiles Label Stamp' (£25 - can be customised with any message of your choice - we've focused on the kitchen, but you don't have to!).

The rubber stamp is obviously great for labelling precious hand-created gifts, but we think you can bring a bit of joy into the everyday by using it for things more ordinary as well.

We also have a matching 'Magnetic Menu Pad' (£4.50), perfect for planning meals and cutting down on food waste. Looks pretty good on the fridge too! 

*Azulejos are the beautiful tiles found in Lisbon - we were inspired by a Bloomfield & Rolfe trip there earlier in 2015.

1. Label your Jams and Chutneys

2. Show Off - you made it, tell the world!

3. Go Pro at bake-sales

4. Pimp your packed lunch

5. Organise your Fridge-Freezer

6. Get Festive

7. Leave a note!

Case Study: A Lovebirds Wedding - from off the peg to totally bespoke

How we created a bespoke wedding stationery suite by adapting one of our bestselling wedding designs.

Back in October 2013 Martha ordered several of our personalised stamps, including a Lovebirds Wedding Stamp  to make save-the-date cards for her upcoming marriage to Nicolas.

Later, in early 2014, she emailed to ask whether we could create a personalised wedding invite design using the Lovebirds motif, but incorporating  things special to her and her fiance. We came up with the following bespoke design using their favourite place 'One Tree Hill' and the London skyline as inspiration.

The invites were letterpress printed on Colorplan Harvest 700gsm using a magnesium plate to create a deep impression, creating a beautifully tactile finish.


As the wedding day approached we adapted the design to include the wedding venue, for the order of service, and the reception venue, Longford Hall, for the table numbers. For both of these we simply provided a JPEG image of the design so Martha and Nicolas could print out at home.

We're always happy to adapt our existing designs for your big day (or any other occasion!). If you'd like to discuss this, or commission something entirely unique, don't hesitate to contact us at


*New product alert* Personalised Music Stamp for the budding violinist

Yes we now realize we will now need to do one for piano, oboe, clarinet.....etc But who doesn't love a good fiddle?

These are perfect for keeping track of all those photocopied scores and carol sheets!

This is so new it's not even up on our website yet but if you are interested please contact stating what name you would like on the stamp (max 22 characters)

They are £19.50 plus P&P

Bloomfield & Rolfe: you remember the first time?

Amidst a chaos (organised and very stylish chaos admittedly) of stamps, ink pads, sketch pads, cameras, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, pattern books, triple chocolate biscuits and a roaming cat, Bloomfield & Rolfe officially kicked off in style last weekend at an undisclosed Leeds location. We held our first AGM in bright and bonny beautiful West Yorkshire at the home of partner Jenny Bloomfield. 'Rolfe' (fellower B&R-er Holly-Anne Rolfe) actually managed to escape from The Smoke 'dan Saff' to meet the lovely Bloomfield face to face to chat web design, bookplates, line drawings, biographies, back gardens and Armando Iannucci.

[caption id="attachment_7" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Bloomfield in action..."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_8" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Stamps, stamps and more stamps..."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_10" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Some of our lovely the cat!"][/caption]

Staggering though it might be for the North of England check out how sunny it is!

A hard day's work was amply rewarded with a glass of wine on 'the deck' in the last of the evening rays. Let the Domino's pizza commence!

[caption id="attachment_9" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Cheers!"][/caption]