Jenny's picture book review: 'This Moose Belongs to Me' by Oliver Jeffers

As a mother to a 9 month old I have had the pleasure of rediscovering the picture books of my childhood, poring over images familiar and evocative. I also strongly believe that giving birth has given me unlimited licence to 'invest' in Baby Bloomfield's library,

I hope to share some of my favourites here, with a big emphasis on beautiful illustrations. 

First up is a new title  This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers, who is somewhat of a heavyweight on the modern picture book scene. It's hardback and was bought at the Salts Mill book shop on Saturday (a BEAUTIFUL book shop if you're ever in West Yorkshire).  

This Moose Belongs to Me  by Oliver Jeffers

I don't think enough superlatives exist to describe the illustrations in this book -  grand American mountain landscapes form the backdrop for the errant Moose and his 'owner' Wilfred: they are sumptuous and witty and the use of colour and light almost made me weep. I'm not going to say much more but let the pictures speak for themselves:


It's going to be a while before Baby Bloomfield will understand this delightful story of self-determination (although the parallels with our cat and her 'friends' next door is striking and should make the themes easy to grasp when the time comes). I'm hesitating whether to stamp my Ex Libris stamp or hers in the front - am I terrible selfish mother? Probably. But the thought of sticky fingers gets me very tense indeed!