Rolfe: A little bit of life drawing...

...Just leading on from Bloomfield's post on her life drawing a couple of months ago here's a couple of efforts from me. Jen and I spent many winter nights in Leeds in the comfort of an institutional classroom, a fan heater and a naked person in variety of silly poses. It's something we still do to this day, albeit with years inbetween sessions and sadly 400 miles between us.

Recently, I've been introduced to sessions at the rather illustrious sounding Art Workers Guild in Bloomsbury. The environment is inspiring and just a little intimidating with the crimson walls of the 'work room' swathed from floor to ceiling with portraits of old guild members - with hilarious expressions veering from haughty to dumbfounded, and a variety of moustaches to rival even the trendiest Dalston nightspot. There's wine too, so that's nice.

A month or so ago I sat with some of my lovely co-workers, a glass of red balanced on the corner of our resplendant chairs drawing a woman with wonderful retro hair trussed up in pseudo-bondage gear. What else would you be doing on a Wednesday evening?

It took a little while to get the eye in again but overall I wasn't displeased with these attempts. I'm a big fan of a 'wash' at the moment hence the last piece, on the fabulously thick Canford paper in the homemade sketchbook Bloomfield made me, was a pleasing sensation of washed brush stroke sinking quickly into the ground.