Bloomfield takes the drawing a day challenge....

I love the fact that my job involves drawing, but between my black and white stamp designs, looking after two small kids and all the other 'running a home' nonsense, there isn't much time for drawing for fun. But it's a catch 22 because drawing for fun is where all the ideas and dare I say it, skill, come from.

For years I've been touting the idea of 'a drawing a day' to myself. But it's very easy to find excuses when you've only told yourself. So I've made it public and for the last 28 days I've done a (fun) drawing a day (usually late and in front of the telly). I intend to continue indefinitely.

There aren't really any rules. Any format, any medium, just, if at all possible, it shouldn't be 'work' related: my children feature heavily, as do birds and collective nouns - or they do so far, who knows how it will all change and develop.

I am publishing my efforts (some laudible, others less so) on Instagram every day so can follow me there if you're interested ( I'll doubtless share my favourites on this blog from time to time as my self-discipline makes me increasingly smug...

Here are some from my first 4 weeks

2014-09-10 13.53.02.jpg