An Ex Libris Rubber Stamp for everyone - Celebrity Special!

Did you know we now have 40 different designs in our Ex Libris book stamp range? Well, in a moment of idle silliness we thought we'd match up some well know figures with their perfect Ex Libris design. (It's possible I was watching Saturday night TV at the time... as you'll see).

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First up, it's queen of Strictly Come Dancing - Darcey Bussell. Wasn't a MASSIVE feat of creativity to match her up with our 'Ballet' Ex Libris stamp, but sometimes the most obvious presents are the best! This design is based on Degas' ballet dancers and is perfect for the tiniest dancer or a prima ballerina.

Moving on through the Saturday night schedules here's The Doctor. With all his love of gadgetry the Robot Ex Libris stamp ticks all the boxes. We think this little fellow shows the Doctor's friendly side. 

Now, it's Sunday night and we're looking for someone with a touch of traditional sophistication and Victorian leanings, to pair with our Filigree Ex Libris stamp.... hmmm....... Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey of course. Surely even she wouldnt' turn her nose up at this?

Ok, my 3 year old had taken over the telly. That's OK though, because this we think this Fairytale Castle Ex Libris stamp would be perfect for Princess Anna of Arendell. (I'm asserting my authority by chosing Anna over Elsa as she's clearly the best).

Right, back to the real world! We couldn't help noticing the resemblence between Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Fox. This is easy peasy!

Keeping it intellectual, we thought this straight-down-the-line, says-it-how-it-is Library Ex Libris would play well with the BEARD.