Bloomfield out and about: A Brooklyn Brownstone, a wedding on the Highline and other NYC fun

Bloomfield is stateside for two weeks so here is a brief report of our first stop in New York City, tying not to dwell too much on the eating, of which there has been much. We rented a Brooklyn brownstone with friends and it was home packed with quirks and original features. The main staircase subsided precariously to the left (but photos never seem to adequately capture); fireplaces were grand and age-worn; grates and floors were shabby but beautiful.





20121007-222933.jpg We had great fun in FAO Schwarz recreating key scenes from Big on the big piano and with Zoltar himself.

20121007-222213.jpg On Tuesday we attended the wedding of Yee Mei and Stephen on the Highline (a reclaimed bit of elevated Manhatten railway that is now a peaceful and well landscaped park) and it POURED with rain - but the happy couple stayed in good humour and wedding pics with a flurry of umbrellas always look good!

Next day we headed for the institution of Katz's Deli (of When Harry met Sally fame) to overload on their corned beef sandwiches. As we were leaving we were surrounded by 3 New York Jewish ladies, one in her late 60s, the others mid 40s. The conversation went roughly like this and centred in baby Bloomfield (imagine it spoken at high speed with a strong NY accent - think Janice (Oh.My.God) from Friends. Isn't she gorgeous Look at those eyes She's smiling Such blue eyes Look at the shoes Oh, those shoes are so cute The shoes! She's adorable And her hair Just like her daddy's, look No mistake there Red hair, gorgeous She's a little leprauchaun A leprechaun - the green and the hair A little leprauchaun Isn't she good She's being so good You were never such a good baby, I never took you out to restaurants Maybe you were never such a good mother as this lady I walked away wishing I'd recorded the whole thing.

We also dropped into Washington Square where i managed a quick sketch

20121007-223759.jpg and stumbled upon the gem of Greenwich letterpress where I gawped a lot, spent a fair bit and made a mental note to learn how to do it.