The Bloomfield & Rolfe Postcard Project

Long before Bloomfield & Rolfe was even thought about, Bloomfield and Rolfe the people set about having an old fashioned correspondence. Real letters, stamps, and spittle to send the missives on their way. It may not be efficient, or particularly convenient, but getting something handwritten through the post, with texture and finger marks and crossings out, is a rare treat and can cheer the gloomiest spirits after a tech-saturated day. We've been lax of late. Blame baby Bloomfield and Rolfe's wedding prep. So we wanted a project that would compel us to get back on the snail-mail wagon, but encourage a bit of creativity along the way.

So, I am very pleased to announce the Bloomfield & Rolfe postcard project is officially open! There are no rules, or limits or deadlines. Just send each other a postcard approximately once a week. We can make our own or buy off the shelf or whatever else comes our way.

We'll post them up on the blog as they come...