Bloomfield: Saltaire Arts Trail 2012

The Family Bloomfield spent a lovely day out yesterday at the Saltaire Arts Trail. It was an inspiring combination of 'open house' exhibitions, activities and a makers fair in the Victoria Hall, with artists, creators and makers on hand to chat. Although I frequently visit Saltaire (I'm a fan of Salts Mill), this was the first time I'd really explored the streets of Titus Salt's model town; we had a map, but chose to wander and look out for the tell-tale red bunting which meant art was within. There was a great sense of community spirit and it was a pleasure to tread the cobbles, despite the unseasonable chill. With mini-Bloomfield in tow we didn't see everything, but got a good flavour. Here are my favourites - landscapes seem to predominate, it must have been the influence of Ilkley Moor, looming in the distance: James Bywood had some fantastic free-hand painterly screen prints of local scenes.

Brimham Rocks - James Bywood

Ian Swales combined my twin obsessions of wood and birds to create some beautiful sculptures out of found materials that were full of energy. I failed to take a picture, but his 'Pheasantly Surprised' sculpture is something I would have taken home with me if i'd had a spare £400. There was a rather fine ostrich too.

Ian Swales - bird

Catryn Henderson - I have to mention Cat as she's the reason we visited yesterday. She has a real way with paint and captures the mood of the Yorkshire landscape effortlessly. Of her new ones, these are my favourites...

[caption id="attachment_161" align="alignnone" width="300"]Path to Top Withins (Wuthering Heights) Path to Top Withins (Wuthering Heights)

View over Dentdale
View over Dentdale[/caption]

Sunlight On Closed Lids had some enviable designs and some of the best quality printing I've ever seen. I stood over Mr Bloomfield and suggested I might like a birthday card...

you light me up

Helen Hallows combines painting, collage and stitching to create colourful landscapes. She also had reproductions on ceramic tiles, and prints which she had hand-stitched so they were all unique, making even her reproductions utterly desirable objects that you want touch and feel. After seeing them I think I need to get my sewing machine out .

Helen Hallows_Sunrise Helen Hallows_Evening

A special last mention goes to Yvonne Carmichael and Andy Abbott who had created a 'Saltaire Cat map', including a spotting guide, likely locations and photos of each individual feline. An inspired piece of frippery.