Bloomfield: my new favourite thing

Look what I picked up on my recent trip to St Albans (to visit Rolfe) - a wonderful Imperial typewriter - the exact same model that I remember playing with as a child, before the evil-ease of the soft-touch keyboard and 'deleting on demand' invaded our lives forever. The Imperial

It's a mechanical wonder with an economy of design that only highlights today's excess: why bother having a numeral 1 when a 'l' serves just as well? And the complete absence of an exclamation mark removes the temptation to litter every paragraph with this much over-used punctuation mark - I'd be tempted to prescribe a couple of weeks on the Imperial to improve anyone's compositions.

Bashing out some correspondence on it is a wonderful stress buster; it's never occurred to me how noisy offices must have been way back when. I'm a much better typist than I was aged 9, but that doesn't stop a flurry of typos, which I like to think only add character.

And did I mention how GREAT it looks.