We are Jenny Bloomfield & Holly-Anne Rolfe. We met at university and we share a love of books, drawing and painting, collecting interesting objects, travelling and generally being inspired by anything beautiful or unusual. We have a passion for good design and old-fashioned print on the page.

As Bloomfield & Rolfe we have created a large range of rubber stamps for all occasions, all of which can be personalised with individual details. We also offer a bespoke design service for stamps, wedding stationery and more.

If you want to find out more about us and what we love, see new products and get tips and ideas on stamping check out the Bloomfield & Rolfe blog or follow us on instagram (@bloomfieldrolfe).

 Rolfe on Bloomfield:
"I met Jenny on our first day at Leeds University in 1998. We sat next to each other in a lecture hall and bonded immediately over what I remember to be an artistic disposition and a shared annoyance that - ‘only a small thing'- we had both accepted a place on a course that we had just been told didn't actually exist. 

Said course was supposed to include a minor in Fine Art - something Jen and I had in common from the start - Life Painting, Collecting, Sketchbooks, Drawing and generally taking silly - but beautiful - photos was in our blood and I, a fresh-faced 17 straight from Art A-Levels in Surrey was most inspired by the well-travelled Miss Adams' first year student post-art foundation course bedroom complete with crazy photos, mountains of books and a mass of pens, paper and paints. Jenny also worked at M&S - this no doubt intrigued me and I perhaps fancied a crack at the staff discount.

I ended up doing History of Art minor and Jen did Economics. You can read a lot into that.

[Bloomfield: Actually I did Philosophy. The Economics department (and the sort of people in it) depressed me too much, so I opted for the corduroys and beards of Philosophy where elbow patches were (unironically) de rigour]. 

Over the next months and years we became firm friends bonding over drunken nights out at Star at Leeds Met union - where Blur's ‘There's no other way' became our song, white wine on the high wall at the end of her garden, making silly films, experimenting with new-fangled box-like digital cameras (Me: "They'll never catch on...") and too much shopping in H&M and Waterstone's for cheap clothing and massive art tomes respectively.

Since then we've done many travels together, bought each other many fabulous - and unique - presents, sent each other many letters, made each other artworks, books and things made from dough and finally, in May 2011, decided to combine our talents and passions to form Bloomfield & Rolfe - a creative outlet for some of the things we both love. It's really just the beginning..." 


We design all our products ourselves by hand, and we also do all the personalisation ourselves, making every product unique. It's very much pen and paper (or electronic pen and tablet).

Once we've designed them, all our stamps are made for us in the UK.