B A C K   T O  S C H O O L   G I F T S   F O R   T A L E N T E D   T E A C H E R S

Many of us would not be who or where we are without our teachers. Here at Bloomfield & Rolfe we're helping to make schooldays enjoyable for pupil and teacher alike with our personalisable teacher stamps, the perfect gift for a treasured teacher or a useful purchase if teaching is your talent.

Choose from our 'Teacher's pencils' traditional stamp design or our brand new set of colourful, self-inking stampers 'Teacher's Stakz set'

(N.B. 'Stakz' is not an example of ironic poor spelling but the name of the clever little stamp system!)

Above - Our 'Teacher's Stakz set'  - a  set of useful, personalised self-inked stamps for teachers to use in the classroom or on homework. Each motivational message has a different colour. Get the set for £24.50 from our online shop.

The 3 messages are:

  • Well Done! <INSERT TEACHER'S NAME> (Green) - apple has space for writing a score/mark
  • Please see me - needs work <INSERT TEACHER'S NAME> (Purple)
  • A note from <INSERT TEACHER'S NAME> (Red)

Alternatively our fun 'Teacher's pencils' design featuring stylised hand-drawn pencils and is perfect for teachers to use in the classroom and on homework to add the personal touch to feedback. Order here for £15.25.